What you Need to Know about Loan Modification Program?

The loan modification is becoming more and more popular, but their process has never been easy that lots of homeowners are getting frustrated on how they can navigate to the lenders. As the foreclosure rates are increasing, there are also increasing numbers of homeowners that have successfully avoided the foreclosure because of modification program offered by their lenders.

There are lots of homeowners that were offered by the Making Home Affordable modification program, where the lenders are provided with financial incentives that they can offer. The government loan modification programs are requiring the lenders to get the costumers in 3-month trial episode and see if the consumer could get on-time trial payments. If the consumers succeed, the lenders will then approve their loan modification giving them more affordable payments.

The majority of the loan modification is being done under the Making Home Affordable Modification Program by Obama Administration. The program had not gain popularity as what the government has expected to be. Usually, the homeowners are being offered with the reduced payments within 3 months. Then the lenders will consent to a reduced rate of interest and lesser payments within five years duration. They will enjoy interest rates as small as two percent.

Almost one hundred thousand homeowners all over the country were assisted by this program since June. It accounted to just fifteen percent of borrowers that were late in their payment of mortgage. This program has really help a lot to avoid foreclosure of houses.

Lots of homeowners are still struggling even with the interventions of the government because they will not qualify for loan modification due to the increase in unemployment rate and bad economy. The Making Home Affordable Program may reduce the payment of homeowners to thirty percent of the family income. However, because of the other debts of homeowners like car payments and some credit cards, they still have a difficult time doing their obligations every month. If the borrower is unemployed, he/she may forget obtaining a loan modification; nevertheless, some lending sources will grant the loan modification if he/she is getting unemployment checks.

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