Mortgage Refi – What are the Tips for Saving Money in Mortgage Markets?

Mortgage refi information could save you money. Researching for mortgage refi information as well as for other loan offers prior to applying is excellent to help you stay away from the costly mistakes. Initially, you need to learn the mortgage industry and other types of lenders so that you can find the right loan for you.

Mortgage industry has two markets, the primary and secondary mortgage markets. This primary mortgage is the market comprising the credit unions, banks, broker-banks, brokers together with other mortgage companies. Secondary mortgage market is consisting of government organizations and investment companies, they are the ones who are buying and selling the mortgage debts to earn profit.

You can seek the mortgage refi information from the primary market, but you need to be aware about the credit unions banks and broker-banks first. The mortgage broker-banks are the institutions similar to brokers, the only difference is they are closing the mortgage loans under the company names that are functioning similar to the banks.

Once you are into shopping and comparison of mortgage refi info try to avoid the credit unions, banks as well as broker-banks. Do not get your mortgage from these institutions. It is because the banks and the broker-banks with the mortgage loan relates to loopholes from the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act or RESPA that are protecting the homeowners from the abuse made by the predatory lenders that requires disclosure of mortgage refi information.

When RESPA legislation was getting its way to the House of Representatives and House of Senate, the banks lobbied intensely excluded for any law that is involving disclosure of the mortgage refi information concerning the fees and charges. The loopholes from RESPA mortgage refi information is the reason why you have to stay away from getting your mortgage refi information from the banks and broker-banks.

Broker-banks also allow the exploitation of the loopholes from RESPA just like any banks. Once you have decided to get your mortgage from the bank or the broker-bank, you can never know what mark-ups and fees they will be charging you.

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