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Should I Lock In My Mortgage Rate Now?

If you have been keeping track of the mortgage interest rate market recently, you probably noticed that there is alot going on and that mortgage rates keep going lower and lower…

So the question people are asking is “When should I lock in my mortgage rate?”

It is only natural… everyone wants to get the best deal possible and everyone wants to get the best price… but wait tooo long and you end up with a higher mortgage interest rate…

So what is one to do with mortgage rates?

Here is what mortgage guru had to say….Jack Pritchard. In most cases, he says, the borrower’s credit and a computerized estimate of property value can be obtained within a few minutes, while the borrower’s income can be verified or at least checked for reasonableness within the day. These are the critical factors involved in a lock.

That does not mean that an honest lender will always provide an immediate lock to any loan applicant. Because locking imposes a cost on the lender, no lender wants to lock a loan that is unlikely to close. If the initial information available to the lender indicates that the borrower may not qualify for the requested loan at the posted price, the lender won’t lock. In that situation, the borrower must decide whether the lender has a valid reason for delaying the lock, or is using delay as a tool for gaining a strategic advantage.

There is only one reliable way to answer that question, and that is to determine whether the lender offers an objective method of disclosing its loan prices. If a price is communicated orally, or in an email, the borrower should assume that the lender is trying to game him with the delay.

On the other hand, if the borrower can find his price on the lender’s Web site, there is no strategic advantage to the lender of delaying a lock, because the borrower can check any future lock price. It may be higher or lower than the price on the day a lock was first requested, depending on which way the market has moved, but it is the correct price on the day the loan is finally locked.

At the end of the day….waht to do?

If you like to gamble, and like the uncertainty of things.. then wait it out….

But with regard to conventional wisdom… and mortgage rates….

Bottom line, “lock ASAP” is a good rule in today’s market, but to make it work effectively, it should be accompanied by another rule: “make the lender document your price.”

There you have it.

Credit May Be Loosening Up, and Consumer Loans May Be Out There

There is no doubt that the credit supply still is tight, especially in mortgages, despite prodding by government officials to increase lending. So even if you are one of those peoople who may have less than stellar credit, you may be able to get some of the thing you want… Subprime borrowers got just 9%, or $44 billion, of all consumer loans in the fourth quarter, the latest period for which figures are available, according to Experian PLC and Oliver Wyman. That is down from 18% in 2007′s second quarter.

But some lenders are starting to take more chances on consumer loans. Many financial institutions that survived the credit crisis and resulting recession are desperate for earnings growth, but loans to businesses amount to less than 20% of all outstanding loans, said Frederick Cannon, co-director of research at investment bank Keefe, Bruyette & Woods Inc. Again, that being said, it still means that there are people that will not qualify for loans because of different circumstances.

So Can I get A Loan if I Have Bad Credit?


Another strong lure: Fewer borrowers are falling behind on payments. Excluding mortgages, about 5.5% of consumer loans were at least 30 days past due at the end of the second quarter, down from the year-earlier 6%, according to Equifax Inc. and Moody’s Analytics.

Some lenders said they are willing to stretch because borrowers who take on credit in the early stages of an economic recovery often are less risky and thus more profitable than those who borrow later. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis economist Williams Emmons said some credit loosening is normal given the U.S. economy’s growth since the end of the recession.

Financial institutions also claim they are getting smarter about who deserves a loan.

If you are working on cleaning up your debt, and getting a better credit score… and years have passed since you have had your situation, then you may be in a position to qualify for a loan even if you have bad credit.

Where Can I Find A Bad Credit Home Refinance Loan?

If you are one of those people looking for a bad credit home refinance, today may be your lucky day….

The reason Im saying this is because it appears that things may be changing, and actually changing in your favor. What we are talking about is this…

A spokeswoman for Capital One said customers who “fully settled” their old debts might get a credit-card solicitation “with appropriately conservative spending limits.” The spokeswoman said, however, that doesn’t mean “that a consumer will receive a card.”

Capital One won a court judgment against Ms. Davis for the money owed and she repaid it.

Fannie Mae, seized by the U.S. government in 2008 to avert the mortgage company’s failure, launched an initiative in January that allows some first-time home buyers to get a loan with a down payment of as little as $1,000. Securities firm Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, a brokerage operation jointly owned by Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS – News) and Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C – News), is offering some clients home-equity credit lines of as much as $2.5 million.

Credit-card issuers mailed 84.8 million offers of plastic to U.S. subprime borrowers in the first six months of this year, up from 43.7 million a year earlier, estimates research firm Synovate. Nearly 8% of loans for new cars in the latest quarter went to borrowers with the lowest range of credit scores, up from 6.2% in 2009′s fourth quarter, according to J.D. Power & Associates and Fair Isaac Corp.

This may not be for everyone… but at least it shows possible signs that the economy is changing.

don’t get me wrong, there is still plenty of gloomy skies out there, and the economic environment is not looking to change much in the near future, but again, it points to light ahead of the tunnel, however dim that may be.